Recent events we have attended

West Wilts Hunter Trials – 15th October 2017 – (LoRes Link)

West Wilts Hunter Trials – 1st October 2017 – (LoRes Link)

West Wilts Unaff. ODE – 17th September 2017 – (LoRes Link)

Mendip Plains Unaff. ODE – 3rd September 2017 – (LoRes Link)

Mendip Plains Unaff. ODE – 5th August 2017 – (LoRes Link)

West Wilts Unaff. ODE – 8th July 2017 – (LoRes Link)

Avon Vale PC Horse Trials – West Wilts – 25th June 2017 – (LoRes Link)

Swindon & District Riding Club ODE – Rabson Manor – 21st May 2017 – (LoRes Link)

Mendip Plains ODE – 21st May 2017 – (LoRes Link)       Snapshots

Conrad Schumacher Dressage Clinic – 14-16th March 2016

All 2016 videos have been archived.  Please contact us for any enquiries for these events.

When viewing videos or snapshots the first 3 digits are your rider number

Please note

Videos viewed on the website are low resolution raw footage.  Final videos are HD and will be topped and tailed, and remember, all stops and falls can be edited out on request.

LoRes links will open a new page with folders for individual classes or complete events. If individual classes, then click on folder of your class, this will open page with LoRes videos, complete classes will go direct to the videos  Files are arranged in number order, the first 3 digits being the rider number,(if you don’t have your number send us a mail, we normally have a full entry list). Please note these are NOT the final quality, you will get HD versions, and that videos may take a few seconds to load.


If you like your video, then complete the  form on the Contact Us page, and will will send you a request for payment from Paypal.  This can be paid either by using your Paypal account, or by debit/credit card, (Paypal account NOT required). On receipt of payment we will process your order, which should take a couple of days, but may be longer during peak periods.

Price List

  • X country download – £11 for 1 video clip/ £16 for 2 in the same round and horse
  • Video edits (stops and falls erased!)     – £2 each
  • Horse and riders name on video  – £3
  • Snapshots by email (not for large prints) – £5 each
  • Dressage clinic videos   – £20 each